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For more than 25 years, our homes have signified a safe space for you and your family. The last few months have underscored just how significant that safe space is, for all of us.

In the last couple of months, our construction sites has provided shelter and care to all our labourers, our very own workforce on the ground. Yes, we stopped work, but we didn’t stop caring.

And as the world shuffled back to work, we paused. We took time to put in place safety mechanisms on our construction sites. Our teams at all levels are equipped with personal protective equipment, and have been trained in our new sanitation drill – including temperature checks and a 360-degree disinfection tunnel – on site.

We have created a completely seamless digital process that takes you right from a detailed virtual walk-through of a show apartment, to an overview of the construction site, to discussions with our team over video-conferencing, right up to when you make the decision to buy a Vaswani home. Once you make your decision, all subsequent procedures for booking your home can also be done online.

We have been talking to many, many people like you – who are poised on the verge of a decision to buy their home – and who may be mulling over the decision. Our team is here to help you find your home basis your requirements & your lifestyle.

As working from home becomes a new reality, we take pride in having anticipated some of your needs. Take Vaswani HomeworX – our concept of quiet spaces in your apartment clubhouse that are conducive to working from the comfort of your home. Or the private corner home offices that are built into our three- and four-bedroom (and some two-bedroom!) homes. In hindsight, the homes we design for you stand the test of time, and of the most unexpected circumstances.

Consistent care, when it comes to our teams and our customers. Rigorous processes, to deliver a zero-risk experience. Offers that ease your decision-making. Homes designed for your future needs today.

This is not just a post-COVID-19  Ethic. It’s the Vaswani Care Ethic.

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Safe Homes for You – Then, and Now

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